Updating a classic

Not a pretty rush hour commute home Wednesday. Many small accidents, many frustrated drivers. We are all always in the absolutely worst lane. And then the cause of the auto clog under the High Five interchange on northbound 75 appears:  Mrs. Mallard. 

Sure, I'm glad Animal Control and good folks pulled over and hopped out to rescue Mrs. Mallard. There were no swan boats. This was not the Boston Public Gardens.  She was really out of her element. But then the rescuers managed to shoo Mama Duck right into oncoming traffic, and step out there to join her. Please let us get through this duck drive incident alive.  They can't arrest the duck for drunk driving If she wasn't drunk, how in the heck did the duck get stuck under the HOV flyover lane plunk in the middle of rush hour dead ahead of my Buick? 

The Case of the Puzzling Duck

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