Who was...?

Who was...? is the name of a surprisingly popular series of biographies for children. Surprisingly, because adults like them as much as kids, and because the cover illustrations creep me out. They look like Famous Bobble-heads You Should Know, much like the U.S. Presidents who race around the bases at D.C. Nationals baseball games.

Example A:


Example B:

Example C:  Who is Jeff Kinney?

Of course Jeff Kinney, from McCook, Nebraska led the 1969 Huskers in rushing, scoring, and receiving as a sophomore. In 1971 "Kinney’s finest game as a Husker may have come against Oklahoma in the “Game of the Century”. Most people remember Johnny Rodgers electrifying 72-yard punt return, but forget that Kinney carried the Huskers offensively. Kinney ran for a season best 171 yards and four touchdowns."

Oh, not that Jeff Kinney? Apparently there's some guy who draws stick figures.

The characters in my current Ancestry.com family tree project are showing up in my dreams with enormous bobble heads. Big heads who drowned in the Allegheny, carpenters who cut themselves at work and died of blood poisoning, a guy who married two sisters, but only one at a time.

What about the family tree bobble-head women? Their strength blows my mind. Their stories will be in a different post, as I've run out of time in my own race around the bases. 

Check out some biographies at your library! It's okay to read the kid ones, they tell you the basics and cut to the chase.

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IMG on a memory stink

This just in from the You'll Wish You Labeled Your Files Division of the Overloaded Memory Stink Department, (YWYLYFD of the OMSD):

IMG is a LaBrea tar pit of searching frustration. I meant to get back to those scanned photos and documents to identify them, but it never happened. The photos I seek are on one of several unnamed flash thumb stick gizmos. Each gizmo has hundreds of files with only IMG and a number for a name. Doing a Henry Fonda "On Golden Pond" imitation wondering who the hell is in these photos.

Just laughing about these IMGs from a 1946 parade in Pierce, Nebraska, especially the truck that looks like a crepe paper streamer Pekingese pooch. Bet it was quite the event in this one stop-light town.

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Sam and Janet evening

Just two weeks from now I'll have to say goodbye to my wedded skinny son and new daughter-in-law on the island of Sardinia. They will be as cute and starry-eyed as my parents look in this snapshot from September 1951.

If one doesn't know, the black and white photos hold endless outfit color possibilities. But I know. My mom's snazzy jacket with matching belt was this color green. It was the Peter Pan costume in our red dress-up box. Was the dress black and white? Maybe navy? Maybe the wavy signal when the little black and white tv with rabbit ear antennae had difficulties...

Added this new biography of Mary Martin to the library collection this week. I hear the songs playing on the mono hi-fi. My parents had many Mary Martin musical soundtracks on 33 1/3 and 78 rpm.

Some enchanted evenings : the glittering life and times of Mary Martin

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