Tony the Tiger Sleeps Tonight

Earworms, they're great!!

Please chime in and comment with the tunes and lyrics that compose the uninvited soundtrack for your reality sitcom. My unscientific anecdotal records regarding earworms may be my greatest Wheaties champion legacy. Indeed, that would be pretty pathetic, but better than Lucky Charms.

This week I've got Seventies Fleetwood Mac mangled lyrics first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Sentimental gentle wind
Blowing through my life again
Sentimental lady
Gentle one

The longer the tune plays, the more rolls of Charmin toilet tissue flutter and unfurl in my mental wind tunnel. It's gentle, and the earthworm poop song is wafting away on the breeze. Check it out. It's got a good beat. You can dance to it!

We've all had trouble slipping off to slumber when the Lion Was Sleeping Tonight in our heads. The best way to get rid of an earworm is to give it away. So put yours in a comment!

8/9/2016 Trouble with a continuous loop of  "Arthur's Theme" by Christopher Cross, and I have to blame an NPR story about Olympic theme songs heard last Friday on the way to lunch. So, did Arthur die, or was it Dudley Moore? In that trivia contest, Dudley Moore died in 2002. Arthur does not die in the 1981 movie.

11.19/16 Long week with the soundtrack from "Gypsy." You can watch the whole PBS Great Performances version here if you dare.

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