Putting the Om in omelet

Breakfast. Hearty. 

The best part of the day is often the beginning ritual. In silence I take the time to compose my favorite meal.

Still dark outside, I don't want to leap into the known. With eyes still foggy, itching, and ears awaking slowly to the gurgling coffee maker, I find my peaceful center.

Begrudging my shower, the water heater burps and belches.The dishwasher door falls open with a clang and blast of oxy-cleaned-lemon scent, revealing semi-clean plastic storage containers beaded with water, and a wheel off the track.

Mushrooms in the omelet pan hint at musky fungal rot, sweetness and dirt, the butter turning brown.Each day new, held together with routine and farm-fresh eggs. And coffee, definitely.

And so this ritual of recording my scrambles continues. Thank you for stopping in. Free refills on the coffee for readers of the Itty Bitty Blog.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder