A moment of silence followed by the serenity prayer for the first meeting of Compulsive Collectors of Toilet Paper Tubes Anonymous --Charmin Chapter.

We admitted to ourselves and to another human being that we had to get rid of the big bag of toilet paper tubes. We really should be able to construct temporary housing for homeless persons with all the toilet paper tubes if we collaborate with the compulsive collectors of plastic gallon jugs, bottle caps, wine bottles, corks, and six-pack rings.

Paper wasps are constructing a village in an abandoned flower pot on the apartment balcony. I am willing to share my home, but not with wasps. With whom would we offer to share our homes? Could I just offer them the big bag of tp tubes?

It's been a nice couple days for car safety inspections, clock-shifting, and meeting old friends for lunch and a nature walk. What was the young black man living under the High Five doing this weekend?

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Going over the falls in a barrel

Juggling Deepak Chopra, cosmic consciousness, OCLC, and disturbances in the Force. Having bees live in your head is not the same as having ants invade your apartment. Only one of these things crawls all around your shower curtain!

What are the proper subject headings and Dewey decimal assignment for a book about cosmic consciousness? OCLC WorldCat suggested "Reality" and 111.0. But what about time and space, mind and body, energy, matter, quantum physics, spirituality, cosmology, rainbows, electricity, not to mention the 1901 PanAmerican Exposition in Buffalo, N.Y.?

The Exposition included President McKinley's assassination and Annie Taylor's barrel ride over Niagra Falls, plus the electrocution of the assassin and the rise of the Humane Society.  Margaret Creighton's book, The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City, presents an intriging, depressing, and surprisingly timely look at American attitudes and prejudices. It's not as compelling and creepy as Erik Larsen's Devil in the White City about the Chicago World's Fair, but still worth your time.

But what is cosmic consciousness? How to you get it? Is it contagious? Is there a cure? And where should the book be shelved?

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Gorgeous rings

Life is good! My son texted me for advice about helping my grandson make a papier mache planet Saturn for next Monday morning at pre-K. Had to tell him it was not possible based on years of papier mache experience, and then offer alternative Saturn-making possibilities.Whoa! A question in my area of expertise!!

Papier mache doesn't lend itself to hurry, but it is still a favorite medium. Why Our Federal Government doesn't just tell me to stay home and make papier mache art all day everyday while it pays all my living expenses I just don't know!

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