Playing peek-a-boo

Nothing chases the blues away like an orange goatweed leafwing butterfly photo capture! These Anaea andria butterflies are the bright delight on a warmish winter day. Then poof! They disappear before one's very eyes as masters of camouflage.

Took a little side trip to the Elm Fork Nature Preserve on my way out to DFW airport to meet my sister. It's a nice spot on an old channel of the Trinity River in Carrollton, but much smaller than the two preserves where I wander in Plano.

Visitors to Dallas' Arts District for the American Choral Directors Association convention are being treated to the very best weather in our North Texas year--flowering trees, daffodils, and daily high temps around seventy degrees. I'm delighted to have my sister and all the other choral directors experience music, arts, and outstanding architecture in the amazing venues of the Arts District.

The highlight for me will be sharing my favorite Texas choreographer, Bruce Wood, with my choral director/choreographer sister. The Bruce Wood Project will present the world premiere of his theater/dance piece, "My Brother's Keeper".

Skyped with my grandbaby after Sunday breakfast. He doesn't exactly dance, but he likes to march in place. Maybe he'll add more choreography soon. Mr. Short Stack already has the peek-a-boo game down pat. I hope to teach him about goatweed leafwing butterflies some spring.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Smiling big at your account of butterflies, grandbaby, and choreography. Helps me cope with the new layer of snow in central IL.

Kim said...

I hope you and your sis have a wonderful visit! (robot word: ndedaba...something short stack might say soon!)

Collagemama said...

Kathleen & Kim,

Thanks as always for leaving your comments and calling cards. Hope your snow melts soon.