Alligators for Sunday breakfast

Illustration by Maurice Sendak
Trader Joe's Haas avocados four for $2.99
Just once or twice over the years, I've identified with the oft-interrupted and still wise Cousin Joan in Else Holmelund Minarik's beginning reader, No Fighting, No Biting! Each weekend I cherish the meals I get to eat without the company of preschoolers, just as Cousin Joan cherishes a chance to read in peace.

Sunday breakfast

I call this Sunday breakfast treat "Alligator Toast", but it is really a toasted English muffin topped with mashed avocado and Tillamook cheddar slices, then popped back into the toaster oven. The avocado is seasoned with a squeeze of lemon juice and some Mateo's salsa. Lance Armstrong said it was a healthy breakfast.  Would he lie?

Being allergic to bananas is a good justification for eating avocados.  I NEED the potassium, so the fat must evaporate!

When Cousin Joan tells a story we learn if a big alligator is hungry even little alligators are not safe. This is an effective cautionary tale for the little alligators, Light-foot and Quick-foot. The world needs more effective cautionary tales!

Why are avocados also called "alligator pears"? Because of lawyers and testicles! The Spanish word for lawyer is one I actually remembered from those required four years of foreign language study--abogado. Count to ten, state your name, ask directions to the restroom, and call a lawyer, all useful in any language!

avocado (n.) Look up avocado at Dictionary.com

1763, from Spanish avocado, altered (by folk etymology influence of earlier Spanish avocado "lawyer," from same Latin source as advocate (n.)) from earlier aguacate, from Nahuatl ahuakatl "avocado, testicle." So called for its shape. As a color, first attested 1945. The English corruption alligator (pear) is 1763, from Mexican Spanish alvacataalligato.

Need to embroider an alligator pear or three with words of wisdom? Two sources for creating free online stitch pattern are Stitchpoint and Coricamo.

That is all I have for today because I had, had, HAD to read the rest of Ruth Ozeki's A Tale For the Time Being uninterrupted. You will love it, and you know who you are.


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