Yo ho ho me hearties!

Out-heartied by my sister.  She was three for three from the breakfast free throw lane:

  • Day 1.  Popovers with hot maple syrup 
  • Day 2.  Fried eggs and buttermilk drop biscuits
  • Day 3.  Waffles with hot syrup or fresh strawberries and whipped cream
Years ago I ceded popover ground to her, and planted my flag instead on old-fashioned German egg pancakes. Her bacon is crisp, but she doesn't make coffee. Perhaps she was adopted! And all this time I thought biscuits came from a Pillsbury cardboard tube.

Sending a removing-old-caulk-and-grout shout-out to my thighs. I'm stiff and sore after a new assault on the usptairs bathtub. Caulking is not as fun as frosting Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, but dummies can do it.

This is not my sister's recipe, but it's close and it made me laugh. I was in charge of clumping the butter and milk.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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