Ampersands with a prize in every box

Introducing a new label to this blog, "Frosted Mini-Wheats," but not because I would ever eat them for breakfast.  I just seem to get started on mini-blog thoughts that should be posted before they get all soggy and the milk turns gray.  

Ampersands are in the news because of a new novel by David Gilbert. If I were to post the title with its ampersand symbol, it would show up all goofy when you try to read my post. The same thing happens when I try to read posts by other bloggers that have typed the fiendish symbol. And so I do not.

According to the Washington Post, July 23, 2013, Amazon can't search for Gilbert's book.  I can't wait to hear the cataloger at the library. There are likely to be some expletives deleted over 

That &%$! book title.

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