Floors and Wallander

Nothing like an hour pulling up tack strips before breakfast!  Feel the burn?

The creepy old carpet has been cut, rolled, and hauled to the dumpster. The carpet pad had mostly disintegrated or been inhaled, alas. All the living room furniture is shoved and stacked in the dining area. Just getting to the coffee maker means squeezing through a maze.

Prepping the concrete floor for staining feels like old school calisthenic six-count burpees. Work out in the mornings, then review concrete videos on YouTube until the wee hours.

Playing "Wallander" DVDs as I work. A son introduced me to Henning Mankell's detective a few years back. Now stubbly Kenneth Branagh propels my heavy duty scrub brush. Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo's theme song percolates up through the concrete.

Home Depot employees are my new best friends. Plan to finish removing plaster and adhesives from the concrete tomorrow. Saturday evening Inspector Wallander and I will be repairing cracks and divots in the slab. So it won't be a mystery if the blog is set aside.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


CarolK said...

My sister did their entire house. It looks great. It is well worth the effort. Just keep telling yourself how great it will look.

seana graham said...

Color me impressed.

I know that if I was watching Kenneth Branagh as Wallender, there is no way that I wouldn't just pull up a chair and start watching them.

Kathleen said...

We discovered Wallander--the Swedish tv series--on Netflix this summer. Love it!