Orange only, no bits

"What did you have for breakfast?" Such enlightening answers. Most of the preschoolers have eaten a chocolate granola bar in the car. One had a toaster waffle. One had a glass of milk and a Nutella sandwich.

Deep-fried Nutella is among the finalists for "Most Creative" food at the State Fair of Texas. Competitors have had it tough since deep-fried bubble gum upped the bar.

I grew up on breakfasts of Cheerios with sugar and skim milk. No day started without a small glass of Florida orange juice. My sister wouldn't eat Cheerios that were not patted down, or drink OJ with"bits".  I'm glad I have the choice of OJ with No Pulp (aka No Bits) these days. Glad, too, when TSA doesn't pat me down at the airport.

Finally burned out Dad's ancient Stanley drill making air holes in Rubbermaid worm tubs. There's still a tungsten grinder/sander/buffer tool in his drill box. It is good to have a son who sold Craftsman tools at Sears before he headed to law school. Good family advice on a replacement drill. Dad's sander attachment works great in the new drill, and I can use the old drill bits.

My 3/8 inch 5.5 amp drill is not pink, for heaven's sake!  Wondering how the world would be different if Nebraska girls in the Sixties took Industrial Arts class as well as Home Economics. The shocking pink power tools annoy me. Would navy blue glue guns turn real men into scrapbookers?

My new corded drill is not orange, either, but my new caulk gun is. Makes me sunshiny happy!

After a rough evening using the cleaner/etcher on the floor, I am ready for the fun part of this project to begin.  But first a real night's sleep is needed!

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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