Roadies stay just a little bit longer to watch moths

Guitar Center cashiers don't often deal with grandmas in need of DJ black lights. It's clear they spend a lot of time selling microphone stands to mind-blown very-aged hippies-turned-rural-Texas-carpenters/musicians-a bit-crispy-around-the-edges. They're not crazy, they're colorful.
24-inch black light

UV colorful, actually. I'm the eccentric the cashier will tell about at supper tonight, and that's refreshing. This old lady needed a black light to attract moths, he'll report, and she was gonna feed them over-ripe bananas, stale beer, smashed watermelon, and brown sugar. The cashier suggested I just buy mothballs. Nooooooo!

Ingredients plus $16 black light

Had to go on down the freeway to Academy to buy a headlamp. My kids would have loved headlamps to play spelunkers back in the day. Vulcanologists was one of their favorite make-believe games.

Glad the Dallas Morning News gave column space to the Texas Discovery Garden's "Black Light the Night" for National Moth Week.

Clothespins to hang the screen.

My cool new $9.98 headlamp.
 The headlamp has red LED for night vision and bright white LED.

Everything required for the moth observation station.
Made a special trip to the grocery store for the brown sugar. Now I can whomp up moth "sugaring" bait in the blender. And the roadies won't mind.

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