Bigger than a shoe, smaller than a mitten

New animals have stolen my heart away. Still mourning the death last spring of Norton the Very Best Preschool Rabbit In the Whole Wide World, we've found a tiny baby bunny living on the playground. Children discovered it the first week of school completely hairless. A school dad tucked the bunny into a likely hidden nest spot under the slippery slide.

Two weeks later the bunny is still hanging around the playground. It has fur now, and plays "statue" really well. It can hide in plain sight while shrieking kiddies run within four feet of it. We've never spotted a mommy bunny. This is a good time to learn about tame and wild.

When Norton was a baby bunny he was as black and tiny as a licorice jelly bean except for a white mark on his forehead. The playground baby bunny also has a white forehead mark. Let's just say even the most unreligious preschool teacher can feel a sense of enveloping protection, wisdom, and goodness in this wee coincidence.

While the bunny would fit in the palm of your hand, my new granddoggy would just barely fit inside a breadbox. She already weighs thirteen pounds. I can't wait to meet her at Thanksgiving!

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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How sweet!