Wrapping on heaven's door

The yolk stares up at me like a Christo island wrapped in white. Not in the mood, I poke it with the corner of the spatula, then unplug the toaster oven. Every time I write a new to-do list I add "clean out the toaster oven so you don't burn down the condo".  Never crossed off, it hovers right next to the item about selling everything on Craigslist to become fabulously wealthy and retire to a small yellow cabin with a screened porch. Those are both preferable to having a baseline colonoscopy., and more likely than "catching up on ironing".

Peek-a-boo ICU. The pickles wink. The toast is ready with melted cheddar, mustard, and a couple hamburger dills. Add the egg, and bite into a substantial wake-up sandwich.

The sky is full of floating, gleaming spider silk. Baby spiderlings have cast their fates to the wind, ballooning off to new territories, or wrapping telephone wires. Sinking to earth, the silk drapes flower beds and fences. We have been t.p.ed by fairies and Jack Frost. We have been gossamered!

noun: gossamer
  1. 1.
    a fine, filmy substance consisting of cobwebs spun by small spiders, which is seen esp. in autumn.
    "her dress swirled like gossamer"

Tonight I am wrapping, wrapping, masking the walls. Jeanne-Claude and Christo are too busy to help. I'm just surprised they are still alive. Tomorrow I'll use the cleaner/etcher on the prepped concrete floor.

May your valley of dreams be draped in pale orange silk.  Nighty night.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


seana graham said...

I have those lists. I just tackled one of its items today and it worked out very well. Perhaps I'll continue.

I guess I would have thought that gossamer was some kind of light fabric, but if I ever knew it was made by spiders, I forgot.

Kathleen said...

I am delighted that Seana, the word queen, has alighted here on gossamer wings!

What a lovely time here, reading and looking and imagining the taste of mustard and pickles!

seana graham said...

Gossamer wouldn't cut it, Kathleen, let me tell you...