I spy with my little tiger eye

You must have mistaken me for a cat person. This confused cat has been hanging around my condo, sometimes yowling out front, other times staring me down from the back fence. What does it spy?

This shelf fungus on the knob of a fallen tree intrigues me as I climb over the log. What does the inside look like?

A macro photo viewed actual pixels size resembles the tiger's eye gemstones that intrigued me as a junior rockhound.

It would be a nice fairy tale if the chatoyant gemstone was actually formed by geologic eons of mushrooms grilled on the Weber, but that is not the case. Not even with teriyaki sauce!

The old big red dictionary says cha-toy-ant is from the French, and means having a changeable luster like the gleam of a cat's eye. Chat from the Latin cattus for yowling outside my window at three a.m.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

I like the way you see.