Gut Trusters

Who you gonna call?

Seventeen years ago my walking buddy went with me to see about maybe renting a condo close to my sons' three [3] schools. The owner with his unnatural coif of blond hair told me I could NOT put three boys in the upstairs of his condo. I thought my sons would make less of a mess than the large dogs of the previous tenant. It was a cold evening, but we walked over to see the condo swim pool. On the way I lost one of the Zuni earrings I'd given myself that Christmas. Fortunately, I found it retracing our steps later. That was the beginning. My walking buddy had good vibes about the condo. I had good vibes. We trusted our guts, and I signed the lease, paying the additional Three Boys Security Deposit.

Good friends and lucky earrings got me through a lot after my divorce, and helped me relearn to trust my gut. I should have put on those same Zuni earrings today to go apartment hunting with that same walking buddy. We visited some apartment complexes that did not pass the gut trust test. It's strange to leave the condo complex that has been my home longer than any other in my life. It's going to be fine, I know.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder


seana graham said...

It will be. Just don't lose those lucky earrings. They seem to have steered you well.

Kathleen said...

It IS going to work out!

Kim said...

Trust those vibes! You'll find a great place.