"...the tip of a very dirty iceberg..."

See these pretty, clear ice cubes? Had a little trouble with the ice maker in the new apartment's freezer. To start with, it was making black ice. And so the post title quote from a Kirkus book review (February 15th issue) was appropriate.

I love Kirkus. Where else could I find all these goodies in just a few pages?

"Marla seems to have the learning curve of a slug..."

"The fun is replaced by waves of turgidity..."

"Throwing logic and any semblance of good dialogue and well-defined plot to the wayside..."

"...face threats from a rival group of chronokinetic adepts..."

With my sluggish learning curve could I use these wonderful vocabulary words in a sentence? My walking buddy has returned from a driving trip to Wisconsin where she observed late winter's wayside -- dirty snow piles, ice, and dangerous potholes. Why are there no book reviews comparing plots to the dreaded driveway ice plugs after the snowplow's been down the street? Dialogue as thudding as breaking ice with a spade? The fun is replaced by the corrosion of highway salt on your car's finish?

A ski run down Yahoo shows folks curious about time-bending ballets:

Q. Do any of you have chronokinetic powers? How do you achieve such power? 

i'm interested w/ choronokinesis (ability over time power) and cyrokinesis (ablility over ice power).. i wonder if they are real and if ever it is possible to anyone to actually learn it.. does any of you know what sort of training i must go through to achieve it? and for those who do have these abilities.. how did you discover and develop it? how long did it take? thank you.

A. Somebody's been reading too many comic books.

Q. But what about cryokinetic abilities? Can we use our ice powers for good or evil? Can we even spell it correctly?

A.  Yes. We can store the mugs in the freezer since they won't fit in the cupboard.

Tomorrow I'll reconnect the washer and dryer with my super powers.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

You must see Frozen for cryokinetic entertainment!

Kathleen said...

Maybe we could travel through time to restore the arctic ice!

seana graham said...

Black ice out of the freezer sounds almost as bad as all that kitchen sink water that lights on fire when you put a match to it.