The Traumatizer Bunny

That's a very scary big bunny! 

The shopping mall Easter Bunny photos of my grandson express just how stunned he is by the size of the long-eared fuzzy white guy. Even with him sitting on Dad's lap and holding Mom's hand, the photos should have a banner that reads, "This two year old is gonna have nightmares!"

That's just Grancy in a big bunny suit!

Next week I get to wear the ears for the annual library storytime/Easter Bunny photo shoot in Prather Park. That's the costume on the right. Please don't let me traumatize any little kids!!!

The Energizer Bunny is still drumming away at twenty-five years of age. Oreo, the new preschool bunny at five months old is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap up on every shelf, chair, and table in the classroom. Oreo is intelligent, extremely social, and almost litter box trained.

 The Best Preschool Bunny in the Whole Wide World.
Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of Norton's death. Norton was eleven years old. Choosing a rabbit for a family pet should not be an impulse holiday decision. A bunny can live a very long time, need special food, care, and quality time. The commitment to long-term pet care will pay you back with bushels of entertainment, calm, cuddles, and insights. Cat allergy sneezing and scratchy eyes have not been a problem with Norton or Oreo. Still thinking about an Easter rabbit pet? Watch this bunny cam, and do your research with the ASPCA and House Rabbit Society.

If you are all grown up, but still having shopping mall Easter Bunny flashbacks and nightmares, you MUST see these eerie paper doll images from artist Amy Earle.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder


seana graham said...

I'm all for people getting bunnies if they know what they're getting into, but if the bunny is going to live in the house, people should not be too attached to their electric cords and the like. Or a lot of other things. So my friends tell me, though they still love their bunnies regardless of the havoc they've wrought.

Collagemama said...

You do have to be careful about electrical cords.