Texas Turtle Day

World Turtle Day was a week ago, but we plodded slow and steady to the finish line Tuesday. One art student planted a Lone Star flag on her turtle log.

The background is our triangle rubbing/watercolor resist paper from last week. We added water reflections of clouds and trees, and then floating logs. The preschoolers liked a long line of turtles on a log. The elementary students cut loose, interpreting water, turtles, logs, reflections, lines, and clouds.

A bit of retracto-neck action with folded zigzag--age 8

Lots of reflected clouds--age 9

Three logs, three turtles--age 7

Big darn turtle in the C and O Canal last July

Big cloud reflections at the Heard wetlands

Baby red-eared slider at Oak Point this spring

The five year-olds were curious about World Turtle Day and why people need to help turtles. Keeping it simple I went with:
  • Because people sometimes throw bad things in water that makes turtles get tangled up or sick, like plastic or chemicals.
  • Because people sometimes find turtles and take them home, then let them go where they can't find the right food.
  • Because turtles are totally awesome and were living way before the dinosaurs.
So slowly and steadily wave your turtle flag. No rushing allowed. Here is an opportunity to participate in a citizen science turtle project.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Yay, turtles!

susan said...

Thank you for helping American Tortoise Rescue celebrate World Turtle Day!

seana graham said...

I'm a little late for World Turtle Day, although that's probably appropriate, seeing as it's turtles.

My contribution is to suggest reading Russell Hoban's Turtle Diary, which is about lonely Londoners, but also sea turtles. Or see the movie, probably,though I haven't done that yet.