When only storks have swords

I swear if I hear another pair of preschool girls arguing about who will be Anna and who will be Elsa I will swell up and explode like a balloon pierced by a sword.

Yes, you read it out loud, "I swear". You swallowed, and your Adam's apple went up and down. Remember when Merlin taught Wart by turning him into a squirrel? The Disney movie came out in 1963. We all pronounced sword as in swallow and swear.
Swooping composition by #3 son

Swivel to survey the swamp where storks are wading. In wetlands some animals wade. What is "wading"? My six year old student answers, "Standing in line to go to the bathroom." From the mouths of babes, truth, and soggy shoes!

That barn swallow first wakes me up about 4:30. I drowse in and out for another hour or so while the barn swallow keeps up a constant sound track. In the evenings I drift off with bird guides in my lap.

Are the incredible incoming birds at Oak Point Nature Preserve swallows? Swifts? Purple martins?

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

Swooping and soaring (and giggling) with you!