But that is not all, said the Cat

Juggling books and rakes and cakes and cups and boats and fish and job searches as I jump up and down on the ball. Oh, no, that is not all.

Many books on my nightstand, coffee table, dining table, kitchen counter, and car cd player. I wonder what my high school guidance counselor would advise. Jettie North was sure I should go to Bryn Mawr and become a medical illustrator. I kept accepting her loan of an Occupational Outlook Handbook for the weekend, while being creeped out by eyeballs, muscles, and guts. No matter how lovely the set of colored pencils, I couldn't get past the eyeballs.

Now colored pencils are not needed for medical illustrations. Three-dimensional printers can create human livers. I learn amazing things from our elderly library patrons!

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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seana graham said...

My high school guidance counselor suggested that I become a nurse. First of all I was insulted that he didn't suggest I become a doctor, and secondly, I had no interest in any kind of medical profession. He wasn't really the right person to guide me along the challenging road ahead.

Although to be fair, no one else would have been much better.

The Cat in the Hat might have had a shot...