Nutri-Ninja: Boys and Toys

The college boys next door have a new toy, a Nutri-Ninja juicer. They take it with them everywhere they go. They leave their garbage for pick-up by the front door, so I checked out the discarded Nutri-Ninja box. Their new toy does not include nunchuks.*

So I went where any snoopy old neighbor lady would go, straight to Google.There I found video reviews of the Nutri-Ninja going blade to blade with the Nutri-Bullet, thanks to Rackboyz, a guy with a very small kitchen and big deltoids.  I want to tell the college boys that even ninjas recycle cardboard boxes instead of putting them in the garbage, but perhaps not today.

A boy from a different generation emailed me today asking about the toy tile set my dad gave me as a kid. This guy is desperately seeking that same fondly-remembered tile toy.

Yes, it looks a bit like blender blades and ninja stars. Do I know where my tile toy is? Of course not! Did I throw it away when I was packing and moving? Possibly. Could it be tucked in a box or trunk or drawer? Maybe. I checked the trunk and a lot of drawers, but it could be with all the other moving weirdiddlies (blow dryer, water bottle filter tops, paper clips, sunscreen...). If you have a tile toy like this and can see any brand name on the plastic case, please email me. I'll get the word out to the seeker.

Collections are a very personal and often inexplicable compulsion. Thinking their might have been a ninja Kix cereal box in General Mills history, I returned to Google. While there, I found a recipe for lentil/apricot hummus. I made up my own recipe this week, and you can use my product for spackling paste or temporary dental crowns. Please don't let Rackboyz post a video review! I didn't have a Nutri-Ninja, so I just used my Oster® Hand Blender w/ Chopping Attachment & Cup.

If you want spicy yellow lentil hummus with apricots and sunflower seeds, go get some made by Eat Well Embrace Life. It's really tasty, Kim.

* Yes, you too may covet ninja fighting star coat hangers.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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