Water-wise rock star ... I knew him when!

When our sun rises in the east tomorrow, folks can view an amazing work of art. But viewing it will be like hearing just one bar of a musical score. Most visual art does not require the same attention to changes and motion over time as performing arts. And so, I am proclaiming Plano Prairie Garden a performance, like Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" on watering restrictions. A garden is not a painting or a palette. It is a time-lapse concert.

I found Michael's Plano Prairie Garden blog when I was searching for Genevieve's Prairie Bluestem blog. Just as Genevieve was a source for information about tree species and the Nebraska sandhills, Michael proved an excellent guide to native plants and wildflowers in North Texas. I loved watching his garden change over time.

After Plano's first Water-Wise Landscape Tour tomorrow, Plano Prairie Garden will be in for fame, acclaim, and photo spreads in glossy magazines. Michael will be autographing cactus pads wearing a black leather jacket, dark sunglasses, and tight gold jeans like the dragonfly at the bottom of the post. If women scream and throw panties, Michael will still blush. Artists are not always comfortable in the spotlight.

You can download and print your native plant ID trading cards. Michael might even autograph one if you say please. Save them in an old metal lunchbox or bandaid container. Don't let your mom throw them away. They will be worth thousands after a few more dry years.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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Michael - Plano Prairie Garden said...

Collagemama, the tour was much less exciting than you described. My tight gold jeans were at the cleaners and no panties were flying. I did give out a few cactus pads, sans the autograph. You have my email address. Get in touch with me if you would like your own personal tour. There are probably a couple more weeks before everything starts going dormant for the summer.