Hot time in the Wetlands

Itty bitty red-eared slider
Yeehaw! Each "Wetlands Wonders" presentation is more fun and successful than the one before. It doesn't seem to hurt that I'm just as jaw-drop astounded at the critters we find as the little kids and their parents.

Yesterday two tadpoles volunteered for the event by swimming into my bucket. They added a lot to the experience, as we could really compare fish vs. tadpoles.

See my little leggy?
For some reason this damselfly naiad reminds me of Cher.

Empty dragonfly exoskeletons collected from the pond ecosystem exhibit earlier in the morning.

This brand spanking new Viceroy butterfly positively glowed on the sidelines of the presentation.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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seana graham said...

The Viceroy looks so much like the Monarchs that we have around here that I had to look up to see what the difference was. Visually, it all has to do with an extra black band...