News flash: Water essential. Who knew?

Fair is not the rating I would give today. Blistering and brutal would be more accurate.

It took me a quart of water per hour to be outside today. I wasn't running, practicing football, or doing physical labor. I was just standing in the shade wearing a big hat and telling folks about pollination, metamorphosis, decomposition, erosion, evaporation, nutrition, and the location of the nearest restroom.

It was scary to me how many visitors arrived mid-afternoon with one little water bottle for a whole family. Of course there are drinking fountains.

If you are coming to the Garden this weekend, plan to start your science adventure early in the day and bring lots of water. Watch for symptoms of dehydration and salt depletion. Pay special attention to the youngest and the elderly, and don't push anybody past the point where the outing is fun. Come back again a cooler day!

  © 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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