Dense fog on Memory Lane

Sitting there in America's best airport staring at the carpet while my Kindle recharged and my fish tacos digested, I gradually noticed folks in my gate having way more fun than usual. Their jackets said "The Spinners", and their guitars gave my brain a little poke. Musicians. What decade? What hits? What recent casino gig? Headed back home to Detroit by way of Dallas. Couldn't just walk up and ask them. If I had a smart phone I could google, but deferred gratification is a sign of maturity.

So back to my eBook, Olive Kitteridge. It was fitting to read about old married people and old widowed people, especially blunt and abrasive ones this month. And you know, that amazing actress was in a tv show I didn't watch based on the novel. That "Fargo" pregnant actress who was married to Bill Murray and in love with Bruce Willis in "Moonrise Kingdom", but I kinda think is married to a Coen brother. Can't google her either, so I'm feeling more mature by the moment. I might even wait until I finish the novel to google the actress!

I sense an S in her name and a Mc slowly rising from my deep subconscious. The Magic 8 Ball says It is decidedly so. About the Spinners all I get is memory fog, Oregon drizzle and, "Your call is important to us, please stay on the line..." 

So I'm working my way back to the answers:
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love 
Spirit Mountain Casino January 18
BONUS: Yes, I had suede sandals this color that year
 (and even double-knit wide-cuffed bell-bottoms)

© 2015 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Frances McDormand!!

seana graham said...

I'm not very good at delayed gratification these days so I did Google it. In any case, though, that's a gorgeous picture.

Collagemama said...

My son, grandson, and granddog hiked in a nature area leading to the Chip Ross wilderness through all the velvety green trees and soggy fallen leaves, Seana. The sun was burning through the fog. Very lovely, but I can't remember the names, Seana, except Chip Ross which makes me think of cookies or dip.

seana graham said...

I'll just try and remember about Chip Ross, then, in case I'm ever near by.