Pass reception

On the advice of the son formerly known as Woolly Mammoth, I bought an antenna for my t.v. in November. With the little antenna I can sometimes get three or four channels, including a Korean pop music channel. Once in awhile I get "Big Bang Theory". Perhaps it runs 24/7/365. Other times I get old Westerns in black and white.

This morning I gave the t.v. another chance while ironing all my slacks. I could only get "Meet the Press". Listened to Andrea Mitchell, David Brooks, Eric Holder and the steam sighs from the iron, while watching squirrels and sparrows out at the feeder.

Wondering how the cold, damp day and the Cowboys at Green Bay would impact attendance at my nature class, I turned on the t.v.. Lo and behold there were the Cowboys on Fox. I can get lots of channels IF I set the ironing board just right and don't touch anything. If I pick up the extension cord, no reception. Or the iron. Or if I nudge the ironing board an inch. What a high tech life I lead!

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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