Crispy bacon, smiling yolks

The kids were having BLT in the school library. Books, Lunch, Talk--what a great concept!

Books, Lunch, Talk!
We were touring the Richard J. Lee Elementary School in Coppell Independent School District. The Lee Spurs library is added to my life list. In this high tech model, it was good to see  kids still curled up with a good book to savor on cushioned window seats.
The school is a net-zero energy facility. Our tour was for environmental reasons, but we are also educators, gardeners, vegetarians, scientists, techies, artists, parents, grandparents, debaters, bacon and library junkies. Sometimes we are a team, other times we're a diverse pizza pie of personalities, and this was a team-building adventure. Full disclosure here, half the team had difficulty with the seat belts in the van, so we were late arriving for our tour.

Books, Lunch, Talk!
The trio is classic, just like bacon, lettuce, and tomato on toast. Or if you overslept it could be Breakfast, Literature, Tardy!

I added three libraries to my life list, one each public, school, and long-forgotten academic. Stared, too, up at the wind "sculpture" AKA turbine near the school garden.

So many storytellers are full of hot air we should find a way to power libraries with their gusts....

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