Toasted Post-Its

Is it more embarrassing to be the last person on earth to learn Power Point, or to admit abandoning my sworn vow to never use PowerPoint?

I would rather watch an acne-blooming eighth-grader deliver a tortured exposition holding 3 x 5 index cards down in the windowless Hall B classroom of Mrs. Walker's Speech 1 class than sit through a Power Point with photocopy handouts of the whole dang thing. Just shoot me full of bullet points.

  • prostituting my art
  • compromising my positions
  • choreographing my images
  • collaging my objectives
  • when Power Point is outlawed only outlaws will Power Point
  • slow marinading in preparation for cooking, but no MSG
  • collaborating across genres to set the mood
  • Joni Mitchell with Herbie Hancock
  • trio jazz combo in smoky venue meeting Romper Room ABCs and 123s

Arm-twisted I am, by kindly experienced educators to use this allegedly user-friendly tool in my presentations instead of slideshows. No, not those View Master slideshow reels or the neighbors' tent-camping trip to Yellowstone!

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

seana graham said...

I am waiting till the powerpoint outlaws come to git me before I larn it. And they won't if they value their lives.

Best of luck!