For just a bit of bacon

With a lemon and some bacon my weekly casserole could become a piece of art, Pine nuts, or maybe sliced almonds I was musing as I pulled into the Tom Thumb parking lot after dark. And there he was, a strange man obviously speaking to me. "How much do you want for your Buick?," he asked. "I used to have a LeSabre," he added. He was maybe eighty years old. Had he escaped from the nursing home like my dad always wanted to do? Had his kids taken away his car keys?

"I love my Buick," I told him. "It is not for sale. Before this I had a Skylark." Maybe I would not get the reusable shopping bags out of the trunk, although the man seemed harmless. What was he doing in the parking lot at night?

"Ah, Skylarks! They were wonderful cars. You were lucky," he replied.

When I came out of Tom Thumb he was gone.

© 2013-2015 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

What a sweet (semi-sweet!) and wonderful short story!

Collagemama said...

I am still wondering and worrying about that elderly fellow, Kathleen. Semi-sweet.