Red light, green light

Mother-may-I please play outside? May I take giant steps and sideways scissor steps, and have big kids twirl me around to become a statue? May I play Kick-the-can and use fortune tellers and make Chinese jump ropes with the rubber bands from the evening newspaper? What time is it Mister Fox when kids can't devise their own diversions outdoors?

Sorry, I seem to be having one of those occasional severe whole-world-going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket days, set off by, of all things, the automated book return at the library. I had to wait behind little mommies and little kiddies standing on a stepstool while they deposited one picture book at a time into the return slot, then waited for the light to change from red to green. Then they could deposit another book into the slot and watch the automated sorting from conveyor belt into branch library buckets. Do not pass Go! Do not collect your reserves! Do not need to get back to the office.

As a grownup with a big bag of books, I am not entertained waiting for the stop/go lights. I want to dump my books and get on with my mission. No lines, no waiting. I'd already been stuck in a two-left lanes-closed-mess getting to the library, and waded through the signs for Early Voting. I need Valet Book Return!

Get along kiddies. Don't you have juniper berry mudpies to make in foil Swanson pot pie pans?

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seana graham said...

Yeah, couldn't Amazon supply a drone to pick those books up? It would be good public relations.