Brunch Advisory Council

After a perspirrrrrry walk in the Sunday morning humidity, the council met at the usual Corner Bakery. Two members ordered Power Flats with sides. One member of the council ordered pancakes. We had a lot of catching up to do.

The council has no by-laws or official leader. Its members offer advice with no expectation of implementation. The council members report, brainstorm, mull over, and shoo away grackles on the patio. General meetings are held at Corner Bakery. Quarterly sessions are held at La Madeleine. Members have no term limits and no actual power. A long shared history and a sense of humor are required for membership. You could say we come from "all walks of life," but the truth is we are old, slightly saggy, walking buddies and former soccer moms just keeping on keeping on through all the stuff life throws our way. In the movie version, I want to be played by Judy Dench.

After a review of the realities of a special education teacher duties, and a report on a police call involving a salty pork chop, we considered the problem of munchies for the team-building emotional intelligence session. One member advocated for donuts and OJ. I countered with reason after reason why this was unacceptable. The third member cut through to the wise course--a bag of Cuties, and a bunch of bananas. The items are naturally packaged in individual servings. Keep it simple.

Edvard Munch, is unfortunately best known as the Oslo painter of "The Scream". Munchies, therefore, have a chilly Scandinavian emotional component. After reading Luncheon of the Boating Party,by Susan Vreeland this week about Renoir's painting (owned by the Philips Collection), I've bounced to a Jo Nesbø audiobook narrated by Patti Smith about a dyslexic Oslo hit man in the Seventies.

As for the council's suggestions, I've taken them all under advisement. Meeting adjourned until the new movie based on Bill Bryson's book, A Walk In the Woods, opens. Thanks to all the many food face posters on the Web for your emotional intelligence. 

Find the sources of the collage. Team-building menu to follow.

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seana graham said...

Patti Smith is narrating a Jo Nesbo novel? For a Norwegian, that guy is awfully connected.

Collagemama said...

It was a perfect fit, Seana. I had to listen to the last disc twice because I was addicted to the voice.

seana graham said...

Cool. I'll have to remember this one.