Vacuuming up the stages of grief

Got the bad news yesterday. My "new" vacuum is beyond repair. The fix-it guy I've relied on broke the news.

My "new" Sanitaire vacuum had many tune-ups and refurbishings over the twenty-some years of it's life, and now it is taken from me too soon, too soon. Lately it spent most of its time alone in a dark closet, but it reminded me of the times when it gobbled up Legos and MicroMachines, then gagged on sweatsocks. It had outlived five crockpots and too many coffee makers to count.

At times misty-eyed, and other moments angry that Fix-It Steve had given up on my long-time servant, I got through the day in a sour mood. It was worse once I got home and sat staring at the white felt clippings from the snowflake project all over the carpet. There's a whole pack of vacuum bags in the closet...

What would a new vacuum cost? The old "new" one had been about $250.00 in 1990's dollars. Maybe I should just limp along with a DustBuster. No, that's pathetic! Snap out of it!

...best... vacuum ... apartment ...images ... Google popped up photos that looked like my grandson's toy vacuum with the colored beads popping around in the clear tube. Whoa! That's what vacuums look like now! I had no idea.They are lightweight, bagless, and affordable. Cool! And the instant gratification of seeing the gross stuff coming out of the carpet is motivating. Merry cleaning to me, and to all a good year!

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seana graham said...

Had a couple of friends in my yoga class, one younger, one older, who were absolutely thrilled to get their first smart phone. I'm sticking with my non-smart phone for now, as it serves its purpose. But I think there is an advantage to not keeping up with the Jones, judging by how happy they were with something that many people now take for granted.

Merry Christmas, Nancy!

Collagemama said...

I like my just-a-phone phone, too.

Photolera Claudinha said...

I feel your joyous sorrow.

Collagemama said...

Thanks, Claudia! You should see the joyous dirt in the clear-view cannister after the first vacuuming.