Pantone trending office decor

2016 promises to be excellent based solely on the announcement of Pantone's Colors of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Not "Baby Pink" and "Baby Blue", these colors are chillier, more elemental and glacial.

The Pantone copy mentions "mellowing" and "mindfulness", "reassurance" and "security", "gender equality and fluidity". I'm hoping for just a hint of reassuring clarity, or at least translucence. Should hell freeze over and Trump become President, I will be signing on to any ship seeking the Northwest Passage.

In my winter funk I celebrate the translucence of rose quartz and the magic of its name for young rock collectors. Removing my heavy silver and Picasso marble earrings this evening was a lesson in the enduring magic of names. "Tiger eye", "snowflake obsidian", and "fool's gold" tumble in my mind with gypsum, talc, mica, jasper, agate, geodes, calcite, and playground "pea gravel".

Pantone is a system for communicating color specifications across mediums, but is its color of the year a prediction or a report? Thank heaven 2015's color, Marsala, has passed the crown to Miss Quartz. Call it a fortified wine if you wish, but marsala was a bit too rotting fruit and bodily fluids for me, with a Lubbock dust storm stirred in.

The rose quartz in the photo is fist-size. I've had it for decades sunk in aquariums. Remove algae accumulation in the dishwasher or a bath with Efferdent fizzy denture cleaners. Then it's ready to make my new office totally trendy.

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