Puppy love for Valentine's Day

Spied from the sky, taking the George Bush west exit over Central Expressway it's hard to comprehend the fine points of Richardson's new dog park without crashing the car. That would be BAD. So we took a little field trip on the south Central Expressway 75 access road from Plano Parkway to the Bush Central Barkway.

As a non-dog owner my dog park experience is limited, but this is an impressive layout and clever purpose for otherwise unusable land. It is across a creek from the Renner Trail that also travels under the highway interchange through an urban forest. Someday a bridge will cross the creek to link the trail with the dog park. The hike/bike trail is a much-needed nature oasis in an area of rapid business development around State Farm's new headquarters.



 You can even host your next big dog party at the Barkway's rental event paddock.

Dog Park Map

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