A day for art play

Dentist date Not so very sad when my new dentist had to reschedule last Monday's appointment. My inner artist got to play in the sunshine. I've no specific plan for the cyano-treated fabric squares. I just set out to make sun prints as play for it's own restorative sake!

In the early morning I made sun prints out my east-facing doorway. Midday prints were made downstairs in the parking lot or with trays on the Buick's hood. Late in the day the sun was still powerful enough to make prints out on my west-facing balcony.

Between flurries of assembling and positioning shapes on the fabric there were long stretches of waiting for the images to expose in this primitive photographic process. If one sits on the grass in front of the apartments a concerned landscape worker will approach and ask if one is okay. Which means the guy with the leaf blower thought I was either having a heart attack or possibly crazy. Since I was surrounded by lids for Rubbermaid storage tubs topped with fabric and Lego bricks, and checking my watch between light snoozes in the warm sunlight, that might be a DSM diagnosis. It was definitely spring fever.

Artists, even very part-time artists like myself, need dedicated play times to refuel. While the lawn guy was concerned, the schoolkids returning to the apartments on the bus ignored me sitting with my shadow-makers. Don't make eye contact. I was all pumped to explain the process if they asked.

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