Snail's breakfast after thunderstorms

Commanding cracks of thunder jolting me out of sleep and nearly out of bed sounded like titans were cracking Roc eggs on the peak of my roof at 2:30 a.m. Is Sinbad out and about?

The next wave of the storm had impressive examples of "rolling thunder", with the sound seeming to approach down a long tunnel then traveling on past me.  All my life I just thought "rolling thunder" was the same as "thunder rumbling". This was a completely different auditory experience. And since I was wide awake at three a.m. it was time to wonder which Indiana Jones movie had the giant marble rolling down the tunnel--or sewer--to squish our hero.  Or do all Indie movies have a variation of that theme? What was Operation Rolling Thunder? What was the Rolling Thunder Revue?

When would I get back to sleep? Shouldn't work be called off on account of scrambled Roc eggs?

Work was not called off, so the morning moved forward with the speed of stop-action clay animation filming. One might say it moved at a snail's pace. Stepping out of my car in the post-storm sunshine, the first snail seen on the sidewalk seemed to have only one eyestalk. The second snail had been stepped on, but was still moving. My boss moved it onto damp soil where it would surely die soon. The third snail was slowly stalking tiny insects on the damp wood armrest of a patio bench.

Are gastropod eyestalks retractable? And doesn't this snail's brocade jacket and pleated chiffon skirt look like a lovely mother-of-the-groom ensemble? I could slime up the aisle on the usher's arm.

Sinbad's crew discovering Roc eggs--By Columbia Pictures - Trailer for the film, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=40492354

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