Snail's progress with lazy Susan

Bet your bottom dollar the sun will come out tomorrow when I'm at the dentist or the day after when it's back to work. Today's gray skies, clouds of green pollen, and humidity were not working for a trial run of the cyano print/papercut process. My Cosmic Permanent Record was being stamped.

The sun made a half-hearted appearance at five p.m., shining through the balcony railing. Bad angle, bad shadows, bad girl for being so impatient!

[ ] This is a high tech solar energy experiment, and every delay adds billions to the National Deficit. Or not.

[ ] This is kitchen sink shoestring experiment proceeding at a snail's pace and requiring:
  • A seven dollar picture frame from WalMart
  •  A lazy Susan
  • A cutting board of a certain thickness
  • An adult beverage
  • Toes to turn the lazy Susan
  • A bathtub
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • A sweater drying rack
[ ] Seated in the old-red-starting-to-rip-soccer-mom chair, turning the lazy Susan with my toe to mitigate the balcony rail exposure on the sun print I contemplated the nature of art, the art of snails, and my personal need to balance practical and creative pursuits while wearing a hat made of aluminum foil. Or not.

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