Mystified frosted flakes in a concealed-carry world

Life feels SO serious lately, what with candidates as pleasant a gagging on a tongue-depressor, endless pledge drives, and the death of the department store. We need mystery fiction, cozy, historic, romantic, with or without cocker spaniels. Throw in some biplanes, dessert recipes, and secrets in an Antiques Roadshow clock. 

Library work is rarely glamorous, but it does have publisher blurbs inside dust jackets that inspire curiousity, wonder, and wacky visuals!

It's another day of agony at the dentist's office for ninety-two-year-old poet-sleuth Victoria Trumbull when a fellow patient, wealthy Mrs. Wilmington, dies in the next cubicle. It's an unfortunate, though seemingly not murderous incident, but the receptionist is hysterical. With the police shorthanded due to an upcoming presidential visit, Victoria takes on the case. As she wrestles with her ex-son-in-law, a three-million-dollar will, four greedy heirs, and a deadly dental clinic, Mrs. Trumbull discovers that nothing in the case is quite what it seems-- Adapted from dust jacket flap of Bloodroot by Cynthia Riggs.

  1. 92-year-old
  2. wrestling 
  3. ex-son-in-law
  4. dental agony
  5. poet-sleuth
I want to be there when the 92-year-old poet-sleuth wrestles her ex-son-in-law over three-million-dollars just to see the hyphens fly.

Texas gun culture and workplaces don't mix on multiple levels. Governing bodies are trying to set policies for carrying concealed weapons on the job. It's been a bad couple weeks in the Man vs. Machine category with recalcitrant printers, obstinate computers, and demon-possessed coffee-makers. I shot the copier, but I didn't shoot no vending machine. 

In other workplace mysteries, I accidentally looked inside the break room fridge.  Birthday Cake @ 3:00 Today introduces plucky human resources professional Jemima Benefits who must find the killer in this forensic culinary thriller before moldy leftovers claim another victim. Sequel May 2017  working title:  Case of the Queso Crockpot.

Remember this -- any workday when you don't show up on the nightly news is a good day. Don't wrestle, write haiku.

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