Reptile profiling

The word for the week is "profiling".  A papercut profile of my granddaughter arrived in the mail for Mother's Day and reminded me of that most dastardly of spelling test words:


I appreciate the skill required now, but as a child I found these framed family images on neighbors' walls confusing. Peter Pan's missing shadow was all mixed up with our February presidents, Washington and Lincoln. The girl shadow pictures were Martha, Tinkerbell, and Betsy Ross. 

Diverse turtles sharing a log in March 2016
Racial profiling training lasted three hours Thursday.  It wasn't a how-to workshop, but more of an employee awareness session. Distilling the class content into applicable bullet points basically:

  • Live by the Golden Rule
  • Be professional, courteous, kind, gracious
  • Be prudent on social media
  • It's all about others' perceptions of disparity in treatment
  • Don't bring reptiles into the library
  • All persons openly carrying a live, crawly turtle with scratchy toenails into the library should receive equal treatment.
  • De-escalate library patron/reptile/staff interactions to prevent snapping.
  • Concealed carry reptile policies are being drafted for council approval.

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