The eyes have it -- disasters in simpler times

Fritzi and I saw "Airport" at the West O Drive-In during the summer of 1971. Mom must have read Arthur Hailey's novel. At least in my memory we sat in the '54 Chevy, but it might have been that awful Ford Fairlane.

Putting together a collage about my day picking up my new eyeglasses and shopping for wedding mother attire in Macy's at our formerly bustling mall, I had a vivid flashback to the snow-plowing runway scenes with George Kennedy chomping a cigar. Lights mark the edge of the tarmac. D.O. Guerrero, Dean Martin, and Jacqueline Bissett collide in the aisle of the doomed 707. A special evening with my mom before the ugly mother-daughter battles of late adolescence...when the rain began we continued to watch the outdoor movie with windshield wipers..

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Kathleen said...

You make me want to see Airport all over again! Followed by Airplane. Perfect double feature, actually...