It started at the end of May

Often noting the month of acquisition on library materials, I write month-'year. So May was 5-16. Right? Right.

Much as I can't make Excel dance through hoops to repeat or generate a sequence, I can't get my brain to stop doing the month-year jig.

So for half of June I kept writing 6-17, then backing up to correct to 6-16. By the end of the month I got my head straight, just in time for July.

7-18 was wrongo, wrongo! The oft-reinforced error was gaining strength and momentum, but I almost broke its will by the anniversary of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon on Janice's birthday in 1969.

Then it was August and Alan Shepard used a six-iron on my mental lunar landscape. 8-19 is not correct, but it's difficult to stop writing it on the labels.

When I get back from Sardinia I'll probably write 9- ? ...Maybe I will finally break the habit!

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