Ptah and the Four Nums

Princess Peony, my granddaughter, created the universe through the thought of her heart and the utterance of "Ptah." She is totally in the toddler moment, and her special utterance happens to be the name of an ancient Egyptian god, one of those tightly wrapped dudes I vaguely recall from Peter Worth's art history class at UNL. You don't need a lot of words if you use one word with wisdom and generosity. I wanted to know what "Ptah" meant in toddler-speak. 

"Ptah" is a useful expression conferring multiple meanings by way of different tones, volumes, and punctuation. It's like "Dude," but without any negative connotations.

From Wikipedia:  

Ptah (ptä), in Egyptian religion, great god of Memphis. He was one of the important gods of ancient Egypt and, according to Memphite theology, created the universe through the thought of his heart and the utterance of his tongue. As master craftsman, he was a patron of metalworkers and artisans. The Greeks identified him with Hephaestus.

Pronunciation alternatives:

Anecdotal usage:

Received a "Num num num NUM" approval score.
  1. Peony recognizes a favorite object, points, and says, "Ptah!"
  2. Peony offers a favorite object to Grancy saying, "Ptah."
  3. Grancy gives it back, and Peony says,  "Ptah."
  4. Peony sees a favorite food on her highchair tray and excitedly demands a boost into her seat with, "Ptah!"
  5. Peony wants a favorite food or toy delivered quickly...
  6. She wants visitors to know she is favorably impressed with their presence in her realm,,,
  7. Daddy gets home..."PTAH!!"


Princess Peony utters "Ptah" to express pleasure, approval, significance, interpersonal connection, appreciation, the offering of a gift, wonder, the making of a request, recognition, adoration, and acknowledgment of existence in the present. Her "ptah" is pretty much the toddler equivalent of Ram Dass's BE HERE NOW.

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Amy B said...

Love it! Angela doesn't yet have a "ptah" equivalent but we'll be listening carefully for one.

Nancy Ruder said...

Thanks, Amy. I hear Angela is pretty OM already.