Marty McFly in a power necktie?

  • Skateboard? Check
  • Using iPhone? Check
  • Whipping and gliding around the corner and down the street in front of my old-timey Buick? Check
  • GQ model hair? Check
  • Dress shirt, slacks, and necktie? Check
  • Orange shoes? Check
  • Reducing ozone-forming emissions? Check


Tomorrow will be an orange air quality day, so Arlo the armadillo is warning us about ozone and skateboarding and texting while commuting.suggesting alternate transportation modes. In his dreams Arlo is Marty McFly's grandson 

In my dreams I'm home already after a clogless commute, flipping through the pages of AARP magazine past Michael J. Fox to the crossword puzzle. The library just received the book: AgeProof: Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip. Why isn't this a graphic novel? I thought it was by Roz Chast, but it's by Jean Chatzky.

If you must commute tomorrow, B. Goode.

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