Lizard in pink socks wins

Anole duel on condo patio!

Details at 11:00!

Glanced out at the patio before heading out for a hike and errands.  Beautiful day, and a lizard was sunning on the edge of a terra cotta pot. The anole lizard seemed to be staring down the yellow-eyed owl decoration. Just last week I had a yellow-eyed hawk staring me down on the patio.

But a dark lizard swaggered out of the shadows and flashed his rosy dewlap. Toro! Toro!

For all my years enjoying anole entertainment on the condo patio, I've never witnessed a lizard show-down.  Cue up "Je suis Escamillo, torero de Grenade!" from Bizet's Carmen.


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Beats me why matadors wear pink knee-highs.

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