Sweet gum, bees hum, pond scum

Dang those fiendish little spiky geodesic domes! Once again I have tripped, skidded, and rolled on  a sweet gum seed pod, and sworn out loud.  Falling down in broad daylight is pretty embarrassing. I shake my head, and haul my carcass up off the pavement. My slacks are not ripped this time. Skinned knees are not bleeding into the black & white plaid. My wrist hurts like crazy, but isn't swelling.

People only fall down when they are very old or very young. Don't meet the very young criteria. Texting while driving? Heavens no! Texting while walking seems beyond my coordination.

It is the final day of my sister's visit to Dallas. After her last convention session we enjoy another lunch on the porch at Hook, Line, & Sinker. Sometimes it is nice to already know what you want--filet and shrimp--but this time with grilled zucchini. Outstanding!

More chilling out at a true gem of Dallas, the Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden. Two of my favorite artists have solo shows ending, David A. Dreyer: Resonance of Place and Philip John Evett: Sculpture and Drawings .

Before we hit the highway (and the highway construction) for the airport, we take a stroll through the sculpture garden.  You can experience its delights with this two minute film by Quin Mathews.

Photos and text © 2013 Nancy L. Ruder. All rights reserved.

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Kathleen said...

Our back yard is again full of sweet gum balls, and my husband is already cursing softly at the prospect of raking them up again.

Glad of your sister time and art time!!