Grancy and Mr. Short Stack

Menu from Rocky's Pancake Ranch on North 48th St. in Lincoln, Nebraska, early 1960s.

Rocky's Pancake Ranch on North 48th Street was our favorite Sunday morning restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska. In the Sixties dining out for any meal was reserved for special occasions. What a contrast to now when a sit-down meal at home is reserved for special occasions in many families.

Rocky's wasn't fancy, but it had "Fabulous Flapjacks", darn good golden brown waffles, three or four syrup flavors, and coffee for a dime. The cowboy decor appealed to my little brother, but the cast iron spurs on the hanging light chandeliers made me nervous. Growing up in an age of falling cartoon anvils and pianos, I worried about sharp spurs crashing down from above.

My own sons loved meals at the Big Coffee Pot truck stop, aka Sapp Brothers, in northwest Omaha. They didn't care that everything smelled of diesel and exhaust. A supper of pancakes while watching big rigs was a perfect ten in their rating system. Later they charmed the waitresses at the Parker Station Cafe in Plano, Texas, on special Sunday mornings.

My grandson is Mr. Short Stack, the little charmer at the Original Pancake House in Salem, Oregon. Being Grancy the grandma is great. Skyping with Mr. Short Stack is hilarious. Just glad I don't have to wipe the sticky syrup off all parties involved.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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