Skyping with Short Stack

"AAAaauaghgh!" The grandbaby spots me on the computer screen, and voices his excitement.  He sounds like a pirate with a tongue depressor, OR a wolf ready for lunch.

I've been using this board book, The Wolf's Lunch,  for preschool art classes. It is always a winner. For all his zigzag teeth, this is a vegetarian wolf. Can't part with my copy, so it was exciting to find a "new" copy online for seventy-five cents plus shipping and handling for Short Stack's first birthday.  AAAaauaagh!

Mr. Short Stack takes most of his Skype calls in his high chair while eating peas, Cheerios, and other finger foods. He's already multi-tasking--Skyping with Grancy, eating supper, and sending occasional intentional tidbits overboard for Wiley the Dog.

Ideas for the Wednesday art classes were elusive. I'm worn out, and hanging on for Spring Break. Many of the kiddies have constant coughs and eewy-gluey runny noses. My snoot is beginning to drip.

Ah. We will glue. And cut. Add a smile thanks to a big stack of cardboard audio cd sleeves salvaged from my library job. Funny faces.  Put one on and say, "AAAghauagh!"

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Oh, so delightful to imagine the eruption on Skype!

But, aaauuhhggggluuuuuu! My fingers are vicariously already stuck together.

Kathleen said...

And my code word was suspiciously close to Velcro.

Kim said...

I just realized your detour was, if not permanent, a long one. I found you again. Not that you were lost.

Collagemama said...

AAAuuuhggghhah! That's the sound a Velcro shoe strap adjustment makes during quiet circle time.