Table set for one

Puzzling over an odd sight on the trail. Why is a pecan half poised at the end of a lichen-covered log? The tableau vivant seems choreographed, not random. Did a hiker arrange it? Was a squirrel's meal interrupted?
What should I read into this?

  • Could I just enjoy the subtle colors and intriguing shapes? 
  • Should I eat a Mediterranean antioxidant diet? 

I don't believe in omens, but Mother Nature does seem to offer hints, suggestions, recommendations, and clues for reflection, consideration, or meditation. Or maybe I am just nuts and sitting way too close to the edge...

Add more nuts, olives, fruits, and fish to my diet? Get a better perspective, a longer view on my problems?

Photos taken February 28, 2013 at Oak Point Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas.
© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder.  All rights reserved.

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