In honor of Eeyore, the gift of thistles

This may or may not be Eeyore's birthday. That's the trouble with the World Wide Web.  There's all sorts of unverified stuff out there sans citations, but if you really, really want to believe (and don't want Tinker Bell to die), you can say Eeyore was made on May 10, [1871].

Odd. That's eleven years before the author A. A. Milne was born, and forty-nine years before his son Christopher was born--that is, if you can believe any information found on that Web.

I've been to the New York Public Library, and seen Christopher Robin Milne's stuffed animal toys. They looked a bit better than my own childhood teddy bear. I plucked the fuzz off my bear, so he looked like an Inca mummy found high in the Andes. 

So if it is or is not Eeyore's birthday, we could have a party. We could invite Christopher Robin and Eeyore, of course, and Ms. Muffet, Jerry Garcia, Phyllis Diller, Tinker Bell, Cindy Lou Who, Lowly Worm, my mummified teddy bear, and My Little Pony. Because the real subject of this post is thistles

Eeyore eats thistles. That's not saying Eeyore likes eating thistles, as that would require a bit of enthusiasm. As long as you don't have to get too close, thistles are quite lovely and full of life.

My outlook was Eeyorish/Eeyoresce, until I went looking at thistles on the Spring Creek Trail.

A close look was like a booster shot of wonder--iridescent green, fuzzy yellow pollen, wild pink hair, hidden white spiders...

Thistles are a Who-Ville community of creatures, no  matter how small.  They out-busy Richard Scarry's town.

Thistles are way cool through a kaleidoscope!

Thistles taste better with butter.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Oh, gorgeous thistles! Plus, I do love Eeyore.

I had to dig up some thistles today, alas. Growing in an awkward place. But wherever I can leave them, I do. The goldfinches love them.

Collagemama said...

Thanks so much Kathleen. When I put out thistle seed for the birds, I always wonder where their little excretory systems will spread the wealth!

Kim said...

Kaleidoscope eyes

Collagemama said...

Lucy in the sky with thistles.

CarolK said...

Eeyore was my childhood mascot. I loved him! By the way did you know the meaning of thistles is misanthropy? Love the blog.


Collagemama said...

Thanks, Carol.